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Wednesday, 23 November 2011



It is important that all the systems under your control have the same accurate time. It can help to give a very clear indication of a chain of events that involve multiple devices and it can also help in the synchronization of time sensitive-transactions.

Having an NTP server on your local network can make this easier to do. Sometimes it isn't desirable for all your NTP clients to have access to the Internet to synchronize with stratum 1 and 2 servers, even when they all have access there is the risk of them losing synchronization if the central connection to the Internet is lost. The maintenance of firewall rules for multiple NTP connections to the Internet can also be daunting especially if the management of the firewall is handled by another group.

A local NTP server can ensure that the clients all have the same time relative to the server even when Internet connectivity is temporarily lost thereby reducing the problems of them being out of synchronization with each other. The firewall rules can also be greatly simplified. A local NTP server is frequently a good thing to have for these reasons.

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