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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

DIY Wireless Induction Charger

If you’d like to merge your love of electronics projects with a bit of wireless charging magic, this DIY guide is for you.

Courtesy of Instructables user Inducktion shares a very detailed tutorial on how to build a wireless power charger. He explains the impetus behind the project:

I’ve searched around on this website, and noticed that almost all of the instructables on here with wireless power seem to lack a proper explanation about how to build one; Or, when they did build one, they used an inefficient method of doing so…

This transmitter works fantastic, and can run on pretty much any voltage above 12 volts, and below 24! It’s also extremely efficient (little power lost) and, it generates almost no interference. (one wireless power instructable used a square wave in the primary; Square waves have a lot of harmonics, and can cause havoc on computer systems, radios, and other sensitive electronics)

I’ve come to solve all of these problems!

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