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Monday, 7 May 2012

How to Add Items to the New Win+X Menu in Windows 8


A lot of us are lamenting the removal of the Start button and menu in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. However, a hidden context menu, or what is known as the Win+X menu, has been added.

The Win+X menu provides access to useful system tools including the Task Manager, Control Panel, Search, Programs and Features, System Settings, Run, Device Manager, among others. To access the Win+X menu, move your mouse to the extreme lower, left corner of your screen, where the Start button used to be, and right-click.

There are ways of renaming, removing, and moving entries on the Win+X menu, but we have not been able to add entries to the menu, until recently. Rafael Rivera has created a tool that is available on his Within Windows site, that allows you to create "approved shortcuts" that you can add to the folder containing shortcuts for the Win+X menu.

We will show you how to use Rafael's hashlnk tool to create approved shortcuts you can add to the Win+X menu. To begin, if you are on the Metro screen, click the Desktop tile.

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