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Monday, 14 May 2012

LinkedIn Launches An Official, Metro-Themed Windows Phone App [Updates]

Windows Phone users can now officially enjoy the LinkedIn experience using the new LinkedIn mobile app for Windows Phone devices. The new Windows Phone app is heavily inspired by Microsoft's Metro design, and includes all the features you can expect from an official LinkedIn app.

Using the Windows Phone app, you can connect with professionals from all over the world, read a real-time stream of updates and news from your connections, your industry and the companies you follow, send and receive messages and invitations and, of course, get suggestions for available jobs that are suitable for you.

According to LinkedIn, some features of the Windows Phone app even surpass those of the iOS and Android LinkedIn apps, and they specifically point at the ‘companies’ and ‘jobs’ features as the best examples of this. The LinkedIn team is open to ideas and feature suggestions, which you can send by joining the Windows Phone group right here. Through this group you can also receive updates on the app's development, etc.

Download the new Windows Phone app for LinkedIn for free here.

Did you get to try the new Windows Phone app? What do you think of it?

Source: LinkedIn Blog

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